Litter shouldn’t be dropped on the ground, but thrown in a litter-bin or disposed of – everyday and everywhere. Yet you’ll find litter wherever you go: in the woods, at beaches, in schoolyards, at riversides, in the streets, along railroad tracks and in front of your door.


Just pick it up – one piece of litter a day!
Every single Geo-Cleaner makes a small contribution … and a lot of us make a difference.


Geo-Cleaners act now!
Look. Pick it up. Throw it in the bin – and share the idea: sign the Geo-Cleaner Manifest, follow us on facebook, share our vision with your family and friends.

A clean environment improves your well-being and helps you enjoy the community you live in.
Dropping litter is a sign of disrespect for our environment. Pick up and dispose of litter and become a role model.

Litter is dangerous. People and animals can get hurt. Litter can be toxic and can pollute our groundwater.

We live in an increasingly complex world. We see the problem but instead of acting we launch into discussions as to who might be held responsible. Whilst this might be important, we must not stop here. We need to act, and we need to act NOW.

Treating our planet with respect is good ethical behaviour. We have to think outside the box and take responsibility. Nobody can save the world on their own – but we can all do our bit.